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2009-02-11 00:44:46 by MatMalldoughnado

Okay, so I am moving my NewGrounds page over to
so go there for further stuff. I dont think I will use this account anymore, so if you want more stuff, check out mathewwins, not matmalldoughnado. kthxbai


Epic Failure....

2009-02-09 21:17:38 by MatMalldoughnado

Okay, my newest submission, Moar Random Shit, has a very low rating, I thought that people would like it... I guess its because my animation skills suck.... I guess I will have to keep practicing and maybe one day I will become a animation god like, Kirbopher, Egoraptor, or another famous animator....

Epic Failure....

Working on numba 2!

2009-02-08 19:59:52 by MatMalldoughnado

Well, I'm working on "Moar Random Shit" the sequel to "Mat's Random Shit" and its turning out quite nicely, hopefully it will get a better rating then my last one, but who's complaining, at least my last one didn't get BLAMMED! So yeah, I'm just flashing away Peace out for now guys.


OMG!!! My submission, "Mat's Random Shit" didn't get blammed this time!! I mean usually when I upload something it gets blammed right off the spot. But this time it works! YAY! Well I need to go get some breakfast, I'll keep you guys posted!


It didn't get blammed!!!

Newgrounds n00b

2009-02-08 07:01:53 by MatMalldoughnado

Hey, my names Mat, if you didn't already guess. Uh, I'm new hear to Newgrounds and I'm also new to Flash, I just got Adobe Flash CS4 and I am making progress. Anyways, add me as a friend on YouTube, go here
Well, I need to see if my first flash animation got accepted, peace!